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9iFX Animates the 69th Annual Emmy Awards Show

September 17, 2017
9iFX Animates the 69th Annual Emmy Awards Show

9iFX Delivers Stellar Animations for Television’s Biggest Night of the Year

9iFX, along with Portland’s The Other House, had the supreme privilege of designing, animating and delivering the key art for the 69th annual Emmy Awards. Set to air on September 17, 2017, the ceremony will occur at the Microsoft Theater in downtown Los Angeles, California, and will be hosted by Stephen Colbert. It will highlight and award the best in television between June 1, 2016 and May 31, 2017.

The creative team at The Other House designed the overall look and feel of the branding for the Awards ceremony, creating a new golden logo and re-imagining the iconic Emmy’s trophy with an ephemeral stardust effect in an ultra high-resolution still image. Their overall concept beat out the competition, and they tapped the 9iFX team to bring their still image to life.

In order to ensure that we were delivering exactly what our client was looking for, we started with an animatic – a low resolution, basic 3D rendering of the project that we cold use to ensure that we had the movement the way the client wanted. Once the camera pan was locked in, we started playing with particle simulations and created an animatic with basic particles to get an idea of where and how they would fall. Once the fall pattern was determined, we set out modeling and animating the finished product – all in 4K footage.

9iFX Animates the 69th Annual Emmy Awards Show

The finished products consisted of a 48 second looping 360º view of the Emmys statuette that will be featured in the background screen of the Emmys Ceremony stage. a couple of close-up shots of the star dust coagulating to form various parts of the statuette, and a rendition of the Emmys logo raining down with glittering particles. This piece will go down in the Emmys hall of fame, and be the marquee of the latest and greatest in television until the 2018 Emmy awards comes around next year.

Check out this behind-the-scenes clip to get a breakdown of how we completed the full project.

The Emmy® wording and statuette are registered trademarks of the Television Academy.