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9iFX fires it up in this music video from Sui Generis aka Martell Webster

March 21, 2015

Fire, Water, steam. This is my nature, boy.

Sui Generis, AKA Martell Webster hits the music scene with a bang with the release of his newest music video “Disposition

We’re proud to announce the release of Vinton Depiction‘s latest music video “Disposition” for Martell Webster, aka Sui Generis! Filmed right here in the great north west, this video shows the juxtaposition between the nature we see, and the nature we feel. 9iFX really helped this story pop by giving it the gift of fire and water. It was such a blast to work with the talented folks at the EYRST team!

This is just the start, as Vinton Depiction and 9iFX are already making plans for our next big collaboration with the talented EYRST crew. Keep a look out for the next vid!

Disposition by Sui Generis