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9iFX opens a new studio in Portland OR!

July 21, 2015
9iFX logo in the new studio in Portland, OR

9iFX is excited to announce our new VFX studio! We’re located just minutes from OMSI in inner SE Portland, under the Hawthorne bridge! It’s a great area with tons of food cart options, eclectic antique shops, and the sound of jam bands practicing in the area’s numerous recording studios. It’s also home to some of Portland’s most prominent creative agencies and tech companies!

We had the great pleasure of finding our space in a blank-slate state; we got to roll up our sleeves and dive right into construction! As both digital and analog artists, we loved diving head first into a hands-on project – we built walls, painted doors, added flooring and even did some electrical work! Check out some of the features our visual effects studio boasts:

9iFX opens a studio in Portland, ORDubbed theĀ  “Alice-in-wonderland couch,” this was a score we picked up at those antique shops we mentioned. How Portland of us. The dirigible lights up the space during those long night.

9iFX Green ScreenOur 16’x14′ green screen wall also doubles as a white screen!

9iFX opens a new studio in Portland ORThese hand crafted steampunk VFX stations were built by a local artist right here in Portland. Here, our artists turn the gears of the company. Tony supervises from above.

9iFX opens a new studio in Portland OR This is the editing bay where our artists can get away from the hubbub of the main area and focus on film editing, color correction, and sometimes, accounting.

9iFX opens a studio in Portland, ORHere’s a beauty shot of our server in it’s corner office suite!

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