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9iFX works on 23 shots for SyFy Channel’s Z-Nation

February 17, 2015

Blood, Guts, and of course, Brains.

Z-Nation is the zombie flick that knows it’s a zombie flick.

9iFX was excited to deliver 23 shots for one of the final episodes of the first season of Z-Nation. We replaced lots of Zombie eyes, monitor burn-ins, and added blood smears all over this zombie show. Mmmm gory. The project was fun to work on (who doesn’t like a good Zombie flick?!) and the show is even more fun to watch!

Be sure to check it out – The whole season is now available on Netflix for your viewing pleasure – or you can watch it all on

We’re excited for the chance to continue providing top notch work for this fun show! Check some of these screen captures from the shots we worked on, and be sure to keep an eye out for them while you watch!

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