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Adobe rumored to be buying The Foundry

April 28, 2015

Nuke + After Effects? Oh, the possibilities…

It looks like Adobe and The Foundry may soon be joining forces. The Telegraph reported last Saturday that Adobe may be bidding as much as $304 million to buy the Foundry from the Carlyle Group, who presently owns it.

Of course when asked about it, Adobe was vague and unclear in their answer, neither confirming, nor denying that any purchase would be made. The Foundry also has not come forth with information on the subject.

Foundry, Adobe, VFX, Adobe buys Foundry, Adobe Foundry Merger, Nuke merges Adobe Creative SuiteThe Foundry’s prime software, Nuke, a node-based 3D compositor, along with Modo, Mari 3D, Hiero system, and Katana lighting would be a colossal addition to Adobe’s creative suite offerings, and cement some important inroads into the Hollywood scene.

If offered at the same price point as the rest of Adobe’s SaaS offerings, that could be a real game changer for small and medium sized VFX studios – we here at 9iFX are going to be watching this merger, should it come to pass, VERY closely.

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