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9iFX Animates the 69th Annual Emmy Awards Show

September 17, 2017
9iFX Animates the 69th Annual Emmy Awards Show

9iFX Delivers Stellar Animations for Television’s Biggest Night of the Year

9iFX, along with Portland’s The Other House, had the supreme privilege of designing, animating and delivering the key art for the 69th annual Emmy Awards. Set to air on September 17, 2017, the ceremony will occur at the Microsoft Theater in downtown Los Angeles, California, and will be hosted by Stephen Colbert. It will highlight and award the best in television between June 1, 2016 and May 31, 2017.

The creative team at The Other House designed the overall look and feel of the branding for the Awards ceremony, creating a new golden logo and re-imagining the iconic Emmy’s trophy with an ephemeral stardust effect in an ultra high-resolution still image. Their overall concept beat out the competition, and they tapped the 9iFX team to bring their still image to life.

In order to ensure that we were delivering exactly what our client was looking for, we started with an animatic – a low resolution, basic 3D rendering of the project that we cold use to ensure that we had the movement the way the client wanted. Once the camera pan was locked in, we started playing with particle simulations and created an animatic with basic particles to get an idea of where and how they would fall. Once the fall pattern was determined, we set out modeling and animating the finished product – all in 4K footage.

9iFX Animates the 69th Annual Emmy Awards Show

The finished products consisted of a 48 second looping 360º view of the Emmys statuette that will be featured in the background screen of the Emmys Ceremony stage. a couple of close-up shots of the star dust coagulating to form various parts of the statuette, and a rendition of the Emmys logo raining down with glittering particles. This piece will go down in the Emmys hall of fame, and be the marquee of the latest and greatest in television until the 2018 Emmy awards comes around next year.

Check out this behind-the-scenes clip to get a breakdown of how we completed the full project.

The Emmy® wording and statuette are registered trademarks of the Television Academy.

New Projects

9iFX Makes it ‘Click’ for Portland Startup

Explainer Video for The Click App.

Just in case you thought that 9iFX was all about high-end German engineering and Hollywood glamor, know that we love to work on fun, local projects too. You would be amazed at what can be accomplished.

Click is a local business networking tool that wanted a fun video to show off their new product. We added product mock-ups and other graphics to the video directed by local polymath Will Cuddy.

CF_Click_v20-desktop from 9iFX on Vimeo.

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Create Gravity in this VR Experience for Puma’s evoTOUCH

August 19, 2016
Create Gravity in this VR Experience for Puma’s evoTOUCH

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 3.38.33 PMThis VR Project is the first of its kind for 9iFX – The creative genius that is the Juliet Zulu crew tapped our VFX team to create a fully immersive 360 degree VR short film experience chalk full of a wide range of specialized motion graphics and visual effects for the launch of Puma’s new evoTOUCH boot. Working closely with creative director Jayson Bosteder, our VFX supervisor, Michael Miller pulled a lot of late nights to see this epic passion project come to fruition.

The project is a full two and a half minutes of CG, 360 degree action. Taking a little under 5 weeks to complete, we rendered, In total, over 4500 4K CG finished frames. There are animated, swirling nebulas happening on all sides of the viewer – EG you have to actually turn your head to see them all. The piece also features flying asteroids, tractor beams, and projections of live action players in the sky – featuring Cesc Fàbregas who plays for Chelsea FC.

It’s really fun to play in the VR environment where we could have an amorphous ball materialize and be kicked from one end of the horizon to the other. But don’t look away for too long – you’ll miss what is going on behind you. With so many things going on in the VR space, you could experience the project multiple times, and still not catch everything.


Create Gravity in this VR Experience for Puma’s evoTOUCH

To pull off these effects, we used a variety of plugins in C4D for the 3D elements of the project and composited it all using Adobe After Effects. One of the challenges we faced with this project was a constantly growing and changing delivery length – As new ideas for more epic VFX were brought into the project scope, we had to remain flexible to accommodate the changes and act quickly to meet our short deadline. To help manage each new addition and remain flexible with our animation as new ideas were introduced, animator Chris McCard used X-particles in C4D to dynamically add and subtract sequences with relative ease and speed.

We used the Mettle Skybox plugin and the HTC Vive to preview early renders of the project and test the rough animatics during each phase of the project. Using the HTC Vive, we noted quickly that getting the lighting to remain cinematic in a 360 degree environment was going to be a tricky endeavor because it is difficult to accomplish without some parts of the environment appearing flatly lit. We were able to solve this by rotating our lighting rig 90 degrees giving our subjects a rim and fill cinematic look.

9iFX also got to delve into app development to create the user interface video player for the Oculus Rift. To complete this, we brought in some outside help.

To finish off the project, Juliet Zulu worked with the sound team at Digital One to create stereoscopic sound effects to really give an immersive feel to the experience. In a 360 degree environment, it’s easy to miss the action if you happen to be looking the other way, so using a combination of sound effects and visual cues, we set up the project to pull the viewer’s eyes where we wanted during the experience.

Create Gravity in this VR Experience for Puma’s evoTOUCHThe 360-degree immersive film can be experienced with Google Cardboard on mobile and on desktop with the mouse and WASD keys. We recommend you check it out with a VR headset, or Google Cardboard. You can pick up one of these cardboard head pieces here.








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ESPN takes it up a notch for the 2016 US Open International promo

August 2, 2016
VFX applied to ESPN’s athleticism is eye candy for all sports lovers.ESPN goes 3D animated for the 2016 US Open international promo - 9iFX

This year’s US Open International promo combines Motion Graphics and live footage in a fully 3D animated environment.

Another season, another awesome commercial for the US Open for ESPN International! The creative folks at Anderson3 teamed up with us to complete this 3D  animated project which features crystalline, trophy-like buildings that rise up out of an epic fluid simulation and reflect feats of sportsmanship in their gleam. The project was creative directed by our very own VFX supervisor, Michael Miller, and co-creative directed by Anderson3’s Karl Baker.

This project was uniquely compiled with different 3D animated elements that allows for the client, VFX applied to ESPN’s athleticism is eye candy for all sports lovers.ESPN, to create a variety of different commercials with a few simple elements. We modeled and animated a 3D version of famous buildings and monuments from New York City and adding in some stylized motion graphics, we set up the project to be easily edited by the client. We delivered 2 separate 3D opening sequences, 2 transition panels, and 2 ending panels all with similar stylized Motion Graphics and stacked in such a way that the client could swap out the footage of the athletes and put in new, more relevant footage as the season progresses. With all of the talented athletes playing at peak performance and recorded for posterity, there’s no end to the number of possible commercials that can be made with this commercial toolkit.

We’re excited to see how many different possible commercials the creative folks at ESPN are able to create with these elements! Anyone have access to cable TV from Latin America? This commercial was created specifically for a Spanish speaking audience and will be shown more prominently in the Latin American territory than up here in North America.

The project was completed at 9iFX headquarters in Portland, Oregon, and used a combination of Maya, AfterEffects, and C4D to complete. Check out the complete project below:










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EDM & VFX – 9iFX produces VJ footage for Seven Lions

December 19, 2015
EDM & VFX - 9iFX produces VJ footage for Seven Lions

Visual Artistry Meets Audio Mastery

VFX & EDM together make a complete sensory experience

During the month of October, 9iFX teamed up with the production crew at Vinton Depiction to create “Prizm of Seven”  for EDM artist, Seven Lions. “Prizm of Seven” is a visual narrative consisting of 25 minutes worth of fantasy footage, blending stunning scenery from around the Pacific Northwest, with a potent blend of VFX, 3D and matte painting. The footage was broken up into 2 minute sequences that when played consecutively told a compelling story about an interstellar traveler, on a mission to sustain the life-force around the cosmos, overcoming obstacles and turmoil.

9iFX hit the ground running, with our 3D team modeling and animating a series of space ships that were then integrated seamlessly with the live action footage. Our skilled matte painters were able to create a variety of alien landscapes, blending the real with the unreal and adding a truly ephemeral effect to the piece. We worked around the clock, delivering over 85 vfx shots so that Seven Lions could have the footage by their Halloween concert in Los Angeles.

The talented musicians and VJs who make up Seven Lions, are on tour at present with this piece, blending the footage seamlessly with their music to create an unforgettable experience for their audience. Check out the making of this project, and a sneak peek at the finished product in this video:

To get the full experience, be sure to see Seven Lions live in concert – check out their tour dates here.

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9iFX & DHX Team up to Produce a Commercial for REHAU!

October 5, 2015
Produce Commercial for rehau

DHX Portland creative agency9iFX had a blast working with the local creative agency, DHX, to produce internal promo video for REHAU and their new ÄSPEKT line of high-end commercial window casements! The project was filmed right here in Portland at 9iFX’s studio and features our best doggy pal, Lewie! Special thanks to Celeste Leizer for co-starring in this, along with Lewie and our funky red couch. DHX came to us with creative and storyboards ready, so we could take their vision from pre-production to post-production including Editing, Sound Design, Color Correction, and VFX.  Along with CG rendered stills of the windows.

9iFX Rehau Aspect 3D ModelFor the production itself, we wanted to get the cleanest look possible – so we brought in a 6 foot dolly complete with wheels and runners, to keep the zoom-in shots looking smooth.

9iFX & DHX Team up to Produce a Commercial for Rehau! We filmed the project on n FS7 with a Q7+ Odyssey Recorder and a Cannon 24-70 L2.8 lens. All that sexy camera tech was fun to handle and produced some pretty high quality footage.

9iFX & DHX Team up to Produce a Commercial for Rehau! 9iFX & DHX Team up to Produce a Commercial for Rehau!

We’re excited to open up our VFX tool belt and start building on the raw footed into what will be the final product! Stay tuned!

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9iFX works on Airware’s Launch video

April 18, 2015
Visual effects and motion graphics by 9iFX, Portland, Oregon

9iFX does VFX for Airware9iFX is excited to collaborate with the Silicon Valley’s premier drone startup, Airware. Airware is the premier Drone startup in Silicone valley with over $40 million in funding from Andreessen Horowitz and Kleiner Perkins. Integrating cloud systems, hardware and software, Airware is helping enterprising businesses to customize and utilize drones to do a wide variety of tasks, from inspections, to surveying, to patrolling, to search and rescue. We’re excited to see where the future takes them! Read more about Airware and their exciting new service on TechCrunch.

We assisted with motion graphics and screen replacements for the launch video for  their commercial Drone Operating System.



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9iFX fires it up in this music video from Sui Generis aka Martell Webster

March 21, 2015

Fire, Water, steam. This is my nature, boy.

Sui Generis, AKA Martell Webster hits the music scene with a bang with the release of his newest music video “Disposition

We’re proud to announce the release of Vinton Depiction‘s latest music video “Disposition” for Martell Webster, aka Sui Generis! Filmed right here in the great north west, this video shows the juxtaposition between the nature we see, and the nature we feel. 9iFX really helped this story pop by giving it the gift of fire and water. It was such a blast to work with the talented folks at the EYRST team!

This is just the start, as Vinton Depiction and 9iFX are already making plans for our next big collaboration with the talented EYRST crew. Keep a look out for the next vid!

Disposition by Sui Generis

New Projects

9iFX works on 23 shots for SyFy Channel’s Z-Nation

February 17, 2015

Blood, Guts, and of course, Brains.

Z-Nation is the zombie flick that knows it’s a zombie flick.

9iFX was excited to deliver 23 shots for one of the final episodes of the first season of Z-Nation. We replaced lots of Zombie eyes, monitor burn-ins, and added blood smears all over this zombie show. Mmmm gory. The project was fun to work on (who doesn’t like a good Zombie flick?!) and the show is even more fun to watch!

Be sure to check it out – The whole season is now available on Netflix for your viewing pleasure – or you can watch it all on

We’re excited for the chance to continue providing top notch work for this fun show! Check some of these screen captures from the shots we worked on, and be sure to keep an eye out for them while you watch!

11081604_1019955151349442_483655175_n 11079803_1019955148016109_136187925_n

11056954_1019956338015990_579542112_n 11074795_1019956291349328_1895154160_n


New Projects


February 2, 2015

One Man, One Bike, So Many Roads.

9iFX had the supreme pleasure of working with director Austin Will and Lion Attack Motion Pictures to provide top notch VFX to their short film “Long Way Gone”. In this film the storm is one of the main characters and we got to create a number of intense growing storm matte paintings to tell this story. Check out some of these before and after shots:

11069983_1020003931344564_1222941740_oLong Way Gone - by Austin Will. Vfx by 9iFX of Portland, Oregon.


And be sure to check it out when it’s screened in the Portland International Film Festival later this month!



New Projects

9iFX helps create the Gogoro Vision

November 24, 2014

The Gogoro Vision is a sweeping city scape

of clean transportation and clear skies.

9iFX got the chance to work with the highly creative and talented team at Cinco Design on this beautifully shot minute and a half drone flight through the city for Gogoro, a scooter company based out of San Francisco. Can’t tell what we did here? Good! We’ll never tell!

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9iFX & Swanson Studios bring you Nike Zoom in 360º

June 2, 2014

Spin Baby, Spin

Now you can see the whole shoe before you even arrive at the store.

9iFX teams up with Swanson Studios to make the shoes in Nike’s new Zoom web launch spin right off the screen and onto your feet. Using our VFX artistry we were able to make these shoes spin continuously 360 degrees to really make the launch of these great shoes pop!  Check out some of these screen captures from the site:



Check out the Nike page and see all the fancy spinning shoes here.