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EDM & VFX – 9iFX produces VJ footage for Seven Lions

December 19, 2015
EDM & VFX - 9iFX produces VJ footage for Seven Lions

Visual Artistry Meets Audio Mastery

VFX & EDM together make a complete sensory experience

During the month of October, 9iFX teamed up with the production crew at Vinton Depiction to create “Prizm of Seven”  for EDM artist, Seven Lions. “Prizm of Seven” is a visual narrative consisting of 25 minutes worth of fantasy footage, blending stunning scenery from around the Pacific Northwest, with a potent blend of VFX, 3D and matte painting. The footage was broken up into 2 minute sequences that when played consecutively told a compelling story about an interstellar traveler, on a mission to sustain the life-force around the cosmos, overcoming obstacles and turmoil.

9iFX hit the ground running, with our 3D team modeling and animating a series of space ships that were then integrated seamlessly with the live action footage. Our skilled matte painters were able to create a variety of alien landscapes, blending the real with the unreal and adding a truly ephemeral effect to the piece. We worked around the clock, delivering over 85 vfx shots so that Seven Lions could have the footage by their Halloween concert in Los Angeles.

The talented musicians and VJs who make up Seven Lions, are on tour at present with this piece, blending the footage seamlessly with their music to create an unforgettable experience for their audience. Check out the making of this project, and a sneak peek at the finished product in this video:

To get the full experience, be sure to see Seven Lions live in concert – check out their tour dates here.