We’re always on the lookout for mad skill, so if you think you’ve got what it takes, send us your reel, and a bit about yourself.

Currently wanting to meet freelancers in the following areas:

Do you find yourself noticing the most minute details of your surrounding environment? Does your BS-o-meter flash red when things are not squared evenly? Does imperfection drive you crazy and stir you into a corrective frenzy? Then maybe you have the eye we’re looking for in a compositor. Send us your compositing reel and wow us. We’re currently open to all skill levels in this area.

3D is a complex world, and we want people with skills in all areas – from Modeling, to Lighting, to Surfacing, to Animation, to Rigging, to Dynamics – we’re looking for it all. Or maybe you’re more of the renaissance man type – don’t worry, we want you too. Send us your stuff and show us what you’ve got.

If producing is your game, then its time to get your game face on, because we need some good team players – folks who are motivated, disciplined, and efficient. We want you to be the leader, but also know how to listen. If this sounds like you, then send us your resume – creative resumes (you know, something other then a piece of paper) are encouraged.

Do you have an interest in fonts? Do serifs make you giddy? Or maybe you hate them – either way you have an opinion, and the background to support it. You also have skill in making those fonts (and graphics too!) dance across a screen in a moment of pure ecstatic eye candy. If this sounds like you, then please to send us your bag of visual sweets.

You are a smooth talker, a skilled networker, and a top-notch hustler. Sure, you get the occasional no, but you don’t let that get you down – you get right back on that horse and win the race. You are a media sales professional and you know how to land the big clients. So do what you do best – sell us. Sell us on your skills.