Client: Airware is a San Francisco based tech start-up specializing in software for commercial drone applications – they help companies use aerial data to minimize operating costs, mitigate safety risks, and improve decision-making.

Problem: Each industry client has different applications for the technology, and Airware needs to capture and demonstrate the diverse ways in which their technology can be applied. However, demonstrating exactly how their technology benefits their target audience has proved to be a challenge through traditional video marketing means only. Video footage alone did not properly demonstrate the complex calculations and data collection that their software was actually doing during the flight.

Solution: Our team of artists was able to take their footage, and add in technical data using motion graphics that visually demonstrates what is going on behind the scenes.  We are able to take their raw footage and graphically simulate customized usage for each market segment the company is pursuing.

Result: Now, instead of showing only an aerial view of a work site, they are able to demonstrate exactly the complex site analysis, mapping, and monitoring services provided by their drones. With VFX/Motion Graphics, complex technical concepts are distilled down into easy to understand, visually engaging media.

Feedback: “I’ve worked with a variety of VFX studios and freelancers over the years but it’s very hard to find one place that fulfills all of your needs. What is great about working with Michael and 9iFX is that they can tackle all of our visual effects needs under one shop. I no longer have to engage multiple vendors on a single project.” – Matthew Helfgot, Marketing Manager.