DHX Advertising

Client: DHX Advertising is a Portland based creative agency and design studio. They are a passionate team of dreamers, makers and thinkers whose 20 year camaraderie has led them to work with brands like REHAU, Acme, Rainbow Light, and The Portland Japanese Garden, among others.

Problem: Whenever their campaigns could use some video magic, they call upon the technical artistry of the 9iFX team to help them achieve their goals. We expand their creative offering and they allow us to flex our problem solving muscles—it’s a collaborative win-win. They call us into the project knowing that no matter where things are at, we have the artistic skill set and technical savvy to dive in headfirst and create beautiful results.

Solution: As one example, Rehau’s Äspekt Windows, we created a colorful commercial spot that blended, 3D animation and motion graphics together to show off the inner makings of a superior window. Our VFX supervisor, Michael Miller, worked closely with Senior Art Director Brandon Lehor to bring life to the :60 piece.

Whether diving into the material makings of a fiberglass window encasement, showcasing the wide variety of colors and technical specs of a product, or creating clean sexy lines and flashy motion graphics, our digital wizards take their ideas from concept to completion – on time, on budget and on design. We are proud of the wide range of projects we have worked on to date with the DHX team.

Result: For various projects, we’ve been able to jump in at any stage – be it planning and executing the on-set production in our SE Portland studio, or jumping in at the end to help out with color correction and sound design; They come to us with projects, and we deliver solutions with just the right finishing touch to drive results for their agency, and dazzle their clients.

Feedback: “We have worked with the 9iFX team for a couple of years now, and are always impressed with the impeccable quality of their work – they take the ideas we deliver and produce stunning content that keeps our clients coming back for more. It’s nice knowing that when we need a top notch video team, we can call on 9iFX to take care of our needs; Each project keeps getting better and better!” -Brandon Lehor, Senior Art Director, DHX