Explainer videos for ÄSPEKT Windows for Rehau

Brand: REHAU                                                                                                                  Client: DHX Advertising
Production Company: 9iFX

General Contractors love REHAU ÄSPEKT.

9iFX worked with the local creative agency, DHX, to film a fun internal promo video for REHAU and their new ÄSPEKT line of high-end commercial window casements!

Residents love REHAU ÄSPEKT

The project was filmed right here in Portland at 9iFX’s studio and features our best doggy pal, Lewie! Special thanks to Celeste Leizer for co-starring in this, along with Lewie and our funky red couch.

Everyone loves REHAU ÄSPEKT

DHX came to us with creative and storyboards ready, so we could take their vision from pre-production to post-production including Editing, Sound Design, Color Correction, and VFX.

Architects love REHAU ÄSPEKT

Our VFX Supervisor, Michael, even put on his acting shoes, playing the role of the architect in one of the spots.