Let our creative process
bring your vision to life.

We are a full-service studio specializing in all the visual effects, motion graphics, animation and post-production polish your project needs to shine.

Creative partners with versatility and flexibility

Our flexible approach to the production process allows us to step into a project at any point. And in our experience, the earlier we get our hands on a piece, the cooler it turns out.


Share your vision for the project, and we’ll create a plan to make it happen. We’ll start by defining what success will look like, then determine the scope and budget we’ll need to get there. Once we have a timeline and strategy in place, it’s time for the fun stuff.


We use mood boards and creative decks to explore the visual style behind the story we’re setting out to tell. Music sets the tone and pace for the piece, which drives a lot of other decisions along the way, so we like to lock that in early.


This is when our motion magicians and visual wizards do their thing. We model 3D assets, create VFX simulations, render CG, perform animations, and whatever else we need to perfect the illusion.


When it’s time to fine-tune, we leave no detail unconsidered. We handle color correction, compositing, titles, sound editing, and any other finishing touches we need to deliver polished, high-end work.

Why it works

We take great pride in our work, and we’re humble enough to know that there’s always room for improvement. After each milestone, we check in with you on our progress – this reduces surprises and ensures our vision for the project aligns with yours.

When the project wraps, we get the team together to reflect on successes and challenges. Our goal is to continually advance our skills and process so we can set the bar higher with every project.

Michael Miller and the entire team at 9iFX were just awesome. We had a tight delivery schedule and specific VFX requirements. Michael met with me immediately with a smile on his face, samples on his laptop, and a very reasonable bid. Their work was the highest quality and everyone on our producing team was thrilled. Anything we asked for, they could deliver quickly and at a reasonable cost. From roto work to skydive silhouettes to complicated webpage motion graphics inserted over our computer screens, they nailed it every time. I’d use them again in a heartbeat. Oregon should be proud of this very talented VFX team.