Artistry Skin Nutrition Campaign

From previs to the final renderings, 9iFX handled this entire campaign from start to finish.


9iFX was excited to work with the team over at Ideology to help out with this campaign for Amway’s Artistry skincare line. We handled all of the vfx and animation needs for the entire project from 3D animation, to motion graphics, to compositing.


This campaign for Artistry’s skincare products is all about keeping it fresh. To showcase the benefits and results of three of their products, we went with a mix of animation, fluid simulations and motion graphics to tell their story.


They sent us actual samples of the products to use as references while creating the 3D models (our skin has never been softer!). We started with some basic animatics to ensure that we had the motion correct for the animations. Then we layered on the polish and gloss, creating the underwater effect, and finished it off with some zippy motion graphics and title animations.


The final campaign was composed of three spots, each highlighting a different skin care product. They all had distinct animation styles that showcased the product’s features and benefits, yet still had a consistent overall look and feel that tied them together.

Eye gel

Jelly Cleanser

Gel Cream