Complex Simplicity Campaign

This fully 3D animated campaign delivers some mouthwatering, vegan, visuals, showcased Wicked Kitchen’s plant-based menu.


In collaboration with the Wicked Kitchen team, 9iFX created a CGI campaign showcasing the brand’s plant-based convenience foods. Accurately portraying the ingredients in the animations required sampling the full product line, which the 9iFX team eagerly took on “for science.” The result was a successful campaign highlighting the brand’s delicious offerings.


Wicked Kitchen’s concept was to communicate that their plant-based products offered both complex flavors and simple preparation. 9iFX was tasked with capturing this “complex simplicity” and creating visually appealing animations that showcased the brand’s fresh and delicious offerings, while keeping with their irreverent and snarky brand image.


9iFX handled full creative on this campaign, from concepting, to execution to finishing. We started with modeling out the shapes of the products and then overlaying the modes with the packaging art. We then got started building out the ingredients that went into making the food – tomatoes, basil, “cheese”, peppers, mushrooms… the build out left us positively ravenous.


Originally, this campaign was intended for web only use, but Wicked Kitchen ultimately decided to utilize the assets for broadcast television as well. We created a campaign comprising of 8 spots, with different end plates represented for each of the grocery stores that Wicked Kitchen wanted to target.


The final cut (or slice?) for this pizza commercial was made into 3 different versions with differing end cards to reflect their targeted audience. We got to literally play with our food, utilizing real vegetables as references when building out the models.


This spot was also made into different versions for each targeted store audience. The goal was to illustrate the simplicity of preparation, the freshness of the ingredients and the flavor punch in every bite.


With a fully 3D animated campaign, it’s important to make sure we have the desired motion before we add the polish. These previs animations are an important stepping stone in that process – some of these made the final cut, and others did not.