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Whatever the creative vision, 9iFX has the experience and skillset to add a touch of movie magic to your scripted project.

9iFX’s team started in episodic and longer form content before branching out into the commercial realm. Our talented team has experience working on everything from blockbuster features & hit tv shows, to indie films and award winning shorts. This page features a mix of some of the horror genre projects our team has worked on over the years, both as 9iFX and together as a team prior.

We love a good horror flick. VFX can add the perfect level of creepy to any scene – from creature morphs, to a swarm of flies, to gushing blood – we can pull off the desired scare tactic.

Features Reel


9iFX’s own Michael Miller was the on-set VFX Supervisor & Lead Compositor on NBC’s Grimm for five years before starting 9iFX. That’s where he met CG Lead Eric Reed. Michael and Eric have been working together since 2010.

You Are Not Alone

There is nothing like an independent horror flick; we love working on them! That’s why we were all a buzz to take on all of the visual effects shots in this feature. We completed over 75 creepy crawly VFX shots for this project.

The Flash

Back in the early days of 9iFX, we were asked to do some effects for The Flash on the CW, including this clone shot.

The Cleansing Hour

9iFX was pleased to work on the VFX for this short horror film – winner of 12 national and international film festivals! It was so successful that it was later remade into a full length feature film.

They Found Hell

 9iFX was excited to create spooky fog and perform some complex compositing and rig removal for this SyFy Original film.

Nathan’s Kingdom

This film had an ambitious goal to tell its lore featuring tower like columns made of millions of orcs reaching to the heavens, falling angels, and a war of gods in the clouds – winner of 12 national and international film festivals! While the film itself was more of a drama than a horror flick the stylized effects we created for it had a decidedly hellish look and feel to them.

Masks of Desire

9iFX was brought on to this short film to provide digital sets, set extensions, fire simulations, and other mystical VFX.

Space Bitch

This short film had a couple of oops on set that 9iFX was brought in to clean up. Including this scene where we removed the face covering reflections of the camera and crew from the main character’s helmet.

Z Nation

Who loves a good cheesy zombie series? 9iFX had the joy of “gorifying” and infecting this TV series for SyFy.