Hologram & Event Visuals

9iFX created Voguing holograms, twerking butts, & mind-blowing visuals for Assembly at the Park Avenue Armory in Manhattan.


9iFX was pleased to support the black trans dance and art community in New York by providing some custom projection mapped visuals for this event series featuring live music, performance art, sculpture, fine art, & dance. We also created a holographic robot that led classes teaching people to vogue.

Read about it in the New York Times.


9iFX was tasked with creating a series of trippy visuals showcasing elements of the culture of the black trans dance community that were projected within the Park Avenue Armory. Part of that ask included animated twerking butts… the creative discussions about how to execute this were comedic gold.


Using provided motion capture data, we created a holographic robot that was projected onto holo-gauze in the same way that the Tupac hologram was presented at Cochella. We also created 3D projection mapped visuals that were custom fit to the original brick wall within the armory.


Assembly was a veritable smorgasbord of artistic talent and expression that ran for 3 weeks, featuring a daytime lineup of workshops and classes, and a nighttime lineup of performances and events. It was featured in the New York Times, and won several awards, including the coveted Prix Ars Electronica Golden Nica Award for Being.

Motion Capture

Using Motion Capture data, 9iFX created ‘Being,’ a sassy sentient AI who’s out to change the world by teaching dance, meditation, and breaking down preconceived notions of society, gender, and art.


Utilizing a combination of motion captured animation and live action footage, 9iFX created a a massive 20 foot tall holographic image that was projected onto a sheet of hologauze in the center of the event.

Projection Mapping

9iFX recreated the old armory wall in a 3D space in order to warp, twist and shatter it for this custom projection mapping. We incorporated live footage into the piece as well to give it a unique flair.

Event Visuals

From twerking butts to mandelbulb dodecahedrons, from spinning galaxies to dancing braids, the visual landscape we created for assembly was nothing short of mesmerizing. All in all, we generated over 3 hours of content.


Event Visuals

Armory Wall Projection