9iFX really got into the designer’s chair in this spot for the launch of the LeBron James XVII shoe.


This “Behind the Design” spot goes out of its way to place the viewer into the designer’s head to get a first person view of what goes into making each new iteration of LeBron James’ line of shoes. 9iFX was excited to work directly with the Nike team on this campaign.


The idea was to provide a first-person experience from the perspective of Jason Petrie, the renowned footwear designer. We were brought into the conversation during the early stages of development to help determine what VFX would best tell the desired story.


9iFX was involved in this project every step of the way. We provided onset VFX supervision to ensure that the live action components were being captured correctly in order to integrate the 3D animated elements into each shot in a visually believable way. We provided 3D animation, modeling, motion graphics, and visual effects for the spot as well.


The final product was a truly innovative piece that combined tricky production hacks on set with cutting edge VFX. It really puts the viewer in the driver’s seat of design. Nike was thrilled with the results, and we had a blast creating this piece.


Some fun camera tricks were necessary to capture the first person look that the Nike creative team was after. Our VFX Supervisor was present on set and collaborated closely with Blue Ox, the production company who captured the footage to ensure that everything was set up for success during post production.

A comment said in jest by the Senior Creative Director at Nike, lead to the creation of this masterpiece – It’s an animation of Lebron James dancing to Lebron James rapping, set in the background of the Lebron17 launch. It’s basically Lebron³.