RuVeal Campaign
for Rupaul’s Drag Race

9iFX provided full post production & VFX services for over 50 unique edits.


When VH1 came to us looking for a fresh way to unveil the new lineup of queens for season 13 of RuPaul’s DragRace, were we all too happy to get to werk. This social media campaign consists of over 50 unique 30 second edits – 3 each for all 13 queens, plus a bunch of additional elements, composites, and promotional videos.


VH1 wanted to make a splash with their big ‘RuVeal’ of the new queen lineup. Where their campaigns normally have static or plain backdrops, they wanted to bring some dynamic movement and playful interaction to Season 13. We developed a number of moving 3D digital sets, and greenscreened the queens into the scenes.


9iFX was tasked with full creative post production on this campaign – we provided onset VFX supervision, full editing, color correction & sound design, as well as 3D digital sets, greenscreen/cleanup work, and motion graphics. Oh, and we completed all of it in under 4 weeks.


The result was an overwhelmingly successful campaign. Where VH1 hoped to gain around 1M views and .5M engagements,for the entire campaign, they got more than 10x their expectations in views and engagements.The campaign also went on to bring home 3 Telly Awards.

Today, we launched the RuVeal and Meet the Queens creative across social platforms and fans have been LIVING for it. We truly could not have done it without your hard work throughout this process. We’ve generated over 12MM views and over 6MM engagements in the first few hours since launch. Thank you for everything that you’ve done to help make this content come to life. This Queen launch will go down in herstory as one of the most successful with an overwhelmingly positive response. Thank you!

Brittany Travis

Senior Director, Social Media at Viacomm


Designed and sized specifically with Instagram reels in mind, 9iFX created a custom edit for each queen. This series for Instagram Reels featured its own snappy sound track and sassy attitude.


Sized to a 1×1 ratio, this series for Twitter features a more fluid edit and relaxed music. It puts off a red hot sultry vibe that screams sexy.


With its own culture and style, TikTok needed a fresh set of RuVeal vids for each queen. This series features a new set of props for the queens to play with, as well as a fresh sound and a more poppy edit style. Here is a compilation video that that gives you a taste of the sound and feel of the campaign for TikTok!


Part of what made this project such a success was having our VFX Supervisor on set during production to ensure that the footage was being captured correctly to facilitate the post process.