Graphics Package
for Motel Rescue

9iFX provided a comprehensive style guide and a full graphics package for 7 episodes of season one of Motel Rescue.


9iFX was excited to work with Center Drive Media & Magnolia Network to design the branding for the entire season of Motel Rescue on Magnolia Network, Discovery+ & Max. We created the logo, lower thirds titles, main titles, maps, and before/after animations to show the transformation that each property underwent during the renovation process.


When Center Drive Media set out to create Motel Rescue, they knew they would need some slick graphics to help illustrate the transformation that each property would undergo during the renovation process. They wanted to be sure to include color and texture to really tell the story.


9iFX worked with Producers at Center Drive & Magnolia to create architecturally accurate 3D renderings of each space, including the furniture needed to fill the space. We utilized before and after pictures of the spaces and hand modeled out some of the rooms. For others, we were provided with CAD files, which we converted to make animation ready.


After a thorough design process where 9iFX created several different branding style guides we created more than 40 animated shots for the season, highlighting the transformation of everything from a honeymoon suite, to a garden patio, to a locker room. The entire season was completed on a tight deadline.

Working with the 9iFX team is truly enjoyable. They have naturally embraced Magnolia’s design principles and aesthetic in handling our graphic and animation requirements, consistently surpassing our expectations across various series. Their reliability, punctuality, and clear communication regarding expectations and deliverables make us eager to return to them for our design, graphics, and animation needs. 

Joanna Weiser

Producer, Magnolia Network


During the early days of the project, 9iFX created several design options, including different color palates, text styles, logos, and title designs. Here are a couple of the different options we presented before a final was chosen to move forward with.