‘universe of Sound’ Campaign for Fender

9iFX unleashes a universe of sound with these stellar effects for Fender.


The creative team over at The Program brought 9iFX in to create some out of this world effects to show how the new Tone Master Pro by Fender lets musicians unleash a universe of sound, tightly packaged in a single device.


For this spot for Fender, we wanted to illustrate how many different pieces of equipment are packaged up into this one simle device. But even more than that, we wanted to show how the sound can carry the player away into another place entirely.


We started by modeling out over fifteen of Fender’s products in 3D, and then animated them to float around the musician. There was much debate about how best to introduce this new universe and after a couple of creative discussions, we created a wormhole like effect, zooming the viewer into mind of the player.


The final result, featuring Dan Geraghty, the guitarist from Twenty One Pilots, is an out of this world piece, that, with the help of these animations and a couple of strategically placed titles, illustrates how much value is gained with Fender’s new Tone Master Pro.